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EBSuite.com Integrated Modular Customer Relationship Management (CRM) EBSuite No Risk

EBSuite's Customer Success

More Than Satisfied Customers, They're Successful:
EBSuite's fortune is measured by the success of our customers. Our CRM solutions assist organizations in a wide range of industries to work together, smarter and faster.
Our customers have gained a competitive edge using EBSuite's solutions. Our CRM tools are making a difference, every day, within their organization. See why thousands of customers worldwide have chosen EBSuite as their Online On-demand CRM solution!

Sales Force Automation

ebsuite CRM IntlAuto

ebsuite CRM IntlAuto
"Tremendous Value!!! Better than Salesforce.com. Intuitive interface, ability to link complex sales relationships easily, with complete functionality and flexibility. A great CRM solution."

ebsuite CRM Coldwell Banker

ebsuite CRM ColdWell Banker
"After 7 years with ACT!, Goldmine, MS Outlook and Salesforce.com, we were going to throw in the towel. At the last minute we discovered EBSuite. It has everything we need for CRM."

ebsuite CRM DocClarity.com
ebsuite CRM ColdWell Banker
" What I really, really enjoy is that SFA and CRM are combined because that saves a lot of time. The fact that Sales and Support are in the same application is very handy for me and for sales. There’s no need to make sure your integration is working properly, or to get all of your notes out of the SFA application and put them into the CRM tool. In fact, I’ve recommended EBSuite to two of our clients."

ebsuite CRM IntlAuto

ebsuite CRM Coldwell Banker
"I cant't even begin to tell you how much I love CRM. It has made my life better in so many ways. I love having my contacts right at my fingertips. The email reminders are amazing.

I was out on my boat the other day and knew that there were a couple of people I needed to contact. Because they were on my email, I was able to scroll through them on my BlackBerry phone and call them from the lake! I scored 2 appointments from my boat! Your system has allowed me to be on top of my business as well as enjoy some much needed time off for me. I can thank you enough.

ebsuite CRM etomicMail.com

ebsuite CRM etomicMail.com
"EBSuite, is without compromise or sacrifice, met all of our needs, flexible, scalable, with a robust tool set. We hit the ground running, it's very cost effective."

ebsuite CRM TechMontreal.com

ebsuite CRM etomicMail.com
""We were already familiar with Salesforce but I was introduced to EBSuite by a friend. I was amazed how much more EBSuite offered especially for a sales driven organization who relies on creating and tracking quotes. After a quick demo we were convinced that EBSuite could give us a competitive edge with no risk and minimal ramp up time. "

ebsuite CRM IntlAuto

ebsuite CRM LOGI
"We were with Siebel, until they could not support our Apple Macintosh users, Salesforce.com's training was incomplete. "

ebsuite CRM IntlAuto

"In our industry, relationships are key to sales, EBSuite keeps our team insync. "

ebsuite CRM TekXpert

ebsuite CRM TekXpert
"It's more powerful, flexible and easier to use than Netsuite, Siebel or Salesforce.com. Our entire staff works together from sale to project implementation. "
Customer Support - Help Desk

ebsuite CRM CSUN.edu

ebsuite CRM CSUN.edu
"Our Systems and Technology department builds the software that CSUN runs on. EBSuite's Customer Support and Project Management solutions are easier to use, much faster, and more customizable than Remedy. They added additional features to meet our unique needs. "

ebsuite CRM Portford Solutions Group
ebsuite CRM portfordsg.com
"We are now in production with your product and it has significantly changed the way we manage Customer Support.
Its a great product!!!

ebsuite CRM Asteres
ebsuite CRM asteres.com
"The ability to customize, that’s probably my top selling point on EBSuite. Anything that’s not currently available, the EBSuite team will sit down and say, ‘Well we can't do it now but let’s see if we can do it and when.’ They’ve been adding functionality for me since day one and they’re making it happen fast - faster than I’ve seen functionality changes being turned around in the past.

EBSuite was willing to customize everything for us and they’ve been incredibly helpful in customizing and tailoring the application for our needs.

ebsuite CRM Fusion

"Thanks for the help! I'm really impressed with how fast our Customer Support site was up and running."

ebsuite CRM Vida Software
"Recently, upper management requested an investigation of potential CRM software. Four days later, we were completely up and running! It is going great, EBSuite's CRM is our business communication's hub."

ebsuite CRM Colin Powell's Americas Promise
"Colin Powell's America's Promise to Our Youth: EBSuite's easy to use system allows us to organize client data quickly and clearly... Its been a great tool for us. "

ebsuite CRM GGS

ebsuite CRM GGS
"We provide on-site technical support and installition services to companies running HP MPE/XL and HP-UX, Microsoft NT, SUN Solaris, and Oracle databases. EBSuite's Customer Support and Project Management solutions allow us to provide effecient service to our customers through multiple touch points. Our techs and customers act as One Team.
It's Perfect!!!

ebsuite CRM MasonWorks
"With Sales and Customer Support integrated, we have identified our most profitable customers, now we focus our marketing on similar prospects. "
Marketing Automation - CRM

ebsuite CRM PHulaxis

ebsuite CRM PHulaxis
"As with all businesses and especially as a new startup venture there is never enough time, Fortunately, EBSuite gives us a complete single resource for crm. From campaign management for our online and offline lead generation programs, to project management for post sales software resource planning and implementation.
Organized and in control with ease!

ebsuite CRM Utah Homes

"I wanted to let you know how much I value using the CRM program. I've used other contact management programs in my real estate career, but for a company of our size and structure, being able to use a contact management program that networks all of us together so effectively is awesome.

Each of us is working independently in our offices and departments, yet our efforts to recruit often overlap, so it is great to meet a prospective agent and enter them in CRM and discover notes from someone else in the company who has had previous communication with this prospect, then be able to work together to achieve greater success in the areas of recruiting, training, and retention. If ever you have anyone who wants to know more about CRM from a user standpoint, don't hesitate to have them contact me.

ebsuite CRM IntlAuto

ebsuite CRM Yosemite
"We reached our summit with EBSuite. Its fast and easy-to-use, our fund drive for Yosemite National Park is a success! "

ebsuite CRM Invention Arts
"Having one place for all our information rather than various emails, databases... is proving far more effective. Being able to access the data anywhere, anytime is also a major bonus (I've stopped lugging my laptop to and fro and just use any internet PC where ever I am,    brilliant."

ebsuite CRM SoftChalk
"EB Suites has helped SoftChalk organize and track our customer information while allowing our diversified Sales and Marketing staff easy access to our vital data - all at a very reasonable cost."
Project Management

ebsuite CRM CSUN

ebsuite CRM CSUN
"Our Systems and Technology department builds the software that CSUN runs on. EBSuite's Customer Support and Project Management solutions are easier to use, much faster, and more customizable than Remedy. They added additional features to meet our unique needs."

ebsuite S3 Security Services
ebsuite CRM S3
"The customer support and project management applications offer us the ability to keep everyone informed, from event staff to the stars, like Oprah Winfrey and Dennis Rodman. EBSuite gives us complete access and control of information anywhere. "

ebsuite CRM Auspice
ebsuite CRM auspicecorp.com
" We wanted a CRM tool something that could help us save money on hardware because we’re on a very strict budget. We also wanted something where we could train people and it’d be easy to use and not cost a lot. We’re very happy with EBSuite.

EBSuite allows us to track and close out cases and know what was done to fix it. In the future when a similar case happens, we can search for a particular error message and come back to the case and figure out how it was fixed. That is one of the most useful things we like about EBSuite.

ebsuite CRM Scripps

ebsuite CRM Scripps
"Our new research center in Florida is under construction and our main campus is located in California, we needed to coordinate our biotechnology development projects. Thanks to EBSuite's project management, we can plan resources, view project gantt charts, files and stay informed no matter the location. "

ebsuite CRM DataVision

ebsuite CRM DataVision
"We give each of our customers their own EBSuite project management account. They are now up-to-date in real time to their project's status. They also understand and appreciate every detail of our efforts. We highly recommed EBSuite.com, their project templates are a time saver. "

ebsuite CRM Boston Comedy Festival
"Using EBSuite is really going to bring the festival to the next level.
We've been using spreadsheets, email, yahoo groups and lots of paper files up until now. Using the tool we can now track sponsors, sponsorship opportunities, event schedules, performers, venue contacts, promotional activities and the project work of our team of interns. We're still learning about all of the capabilities, but it is clearly as powerful as any of the tools we have seen that are much more costly and complex. We were able to get our team up and running in a matter of hours.

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